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Leading transformation;
new perspective on growth


Innovative entrepreneur with passion in creating visions, forming corporate structures and building strategic alliances. Sophisticated leadership skills, and over 20 years of experience in leading and orchestrating team efforts to bring out the best of their skills and deliver outstanding performances. Diverse network of professionals & businesses with refined skills in managing Boards and building Stakeholders relationships.

As Vice Secretary General of Operations at the Economic Cities Authority, Wassim Khashoggi embodies a unique combination of first-hand experience in public and private projects and a profound understanding and experience in implementing state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient government services for the Economic City’s residents and Investors. He strategically oversees the operations inspiring a customer-centric model across four key disciplines: Licensing & Registration, Real Estate & Municipality, Integrated Government services Centers and the business transformation program.

Khashoggi subscribes to the Economic Cities’ vision to develop the most competitive business-friendly cities in the region and become among the top cities in the world in the “ease of doing business” index. It is his mission to have realize this vision through, in his words, “becoming a world class (designed & operated), customer centric, integrated government service provider, utilizing best in class technologies and delivery channels”. He launched the first wave of e-government services and was the mastermind of the new concept and model of the Integrated Government Services Center.

Prior to his current role wassim was the Vice Secretary General for Special Projects where he designed the disengagement from a major corporate conglomerate of a massive project to the government and handing over its responsibilities.

Wassim started the wave of change in e-business initiatives in 2001 after incorporating one of the pioneering Application Service Providers (ASP) in the Middle East, which have influenced the Medical Insurance market to begin formulating their IT strategies and recognize the need to utilize technology. Regular speaker and contributor –for many years- to insurance and healthcare publications and forums to raise the awareness of the effects of technology on medical insurance and healthcare delivery. Architected the placement of the company to leading insurance companies and one of the regional private equity firms.

Khashoggi holds a BSc in Management from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, in addition to have attended many hours of professional and executive training around the world. Born August 1971, married 2001, and blessed with Ibrahim, Yasmeen and Hamza. Love reading, music, travelling, meditation and discovering new beaches.