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Leading transformation;
new perspective on growth


A highly experienced professional with extensive experience of the media industry, The CEO of Rotana Group since July 2010 and CEO of Alarab News Channel, role held since May 2012. Chairman of the Board of AlArab news channel since December 2014. 


Successfully lead the structuring and launch of AlArab News Channel from Bahrain including negotiating the various agreements with key stakholders and government agencies. The Channel was stopped and a relaunch is being activated from a different location.

In my various executive positions with Rotana group, I Lead the group through a number of landmark restructuring projects that have not only reshaped the company but also the media industry in the Arab world. Most significant is leading the negotiations with NewsCorp(21CF) which resulted in the media conglomerate taking a minority stake in Rotana. I am also a key driver behind the introduction of a ‘people meter’ project in the MENA region which is helping TV channels better understand viewing habits. I also lead the Rotana group through multible mega restructuring and joint venture projects covering the business planning, financial modeling, legal, human resources leading to significant reduction in costs while improving the group market share.

In the various positions within Procter&Gamble I was one of the early saudi’s to join the company in its joint venture in Saudi Arabia. I have taken many positions and assignments within the company locally, regionally and internationally. I was the First Saudi ever to take two international Assignments in Procter & Gamble. I Lead the Saudi ownership changes & Structure (hundereds of million SAR transaction). Lead Saudi Tax case for P&G with the DZIT and was key participant in P&G defense on a US IRS tax case. Savings are in tens of millions of US dollars.

Lead key restructuring projects for Procter & Gamble in the region, including creating two legal entities in UAE and leading the restructuring of the Yemen operations. Savings are more than tens of Million Dollars annually.

Active involvement/participation and leadership of many introductions of many brands and strategic defense plans for the company against competition.